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The Modern Office Suite – Rethought.

The world has changed, and so has the way we work. SuiteSpace offers a unique solution for today’s entrepreneurs, start-ups remote workers.

Our Managed Office Solutions offer greater flexibility than traditional serviced offices and superior privacy and amenity to co-working spaces. It’s the perfect balance that gives you the freedom to focus on what’s most important: working on your business.

Our Covid Friendly features include:

Light filled with windows to 3 sides of the building for increased wellbeing.

Glass throughout giving all private office suites an abundance of light.

Easily split your team over one or multiple private office suites

Private meeting rooms on all levels

Office Solutions

A range of pricing options to suit any budget


Perfect for solopreneurs, freelancers, small start-ups or for when you need a quiet space away from the home office. Our office spaces for 1-3 people are an ideal launching pad to nurture your next great idea. Enjoy the privacy, professional environment and state-of-the-art facilities of our smallest offices at an incredibly affordable weekly cost.
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From $165/week

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Looking for a prime space for your growing team to collaborate and thrive? SuiteSpace’s offices for 4-5 people offer a professional environment to foster productivity and creativity. You’ll reap all the benefits of a fully equipped and serviced office space at just a fraction of the cost of a comparable rental.
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From $165/week

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As your team grows, you need a space that will evolve with you. That’s precisely what you get with our Large Offices. Boasting floor space of 24m2 at a price that’s far below commercial rent, you’ll thrive with all the facilities and services you need to stay productive while preserving cash to grow your business.
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From $165/week

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The expansion phase is an exciting time for any business but comes with increased complexity and costs. SuiteSpace can be part of the solution to these challenges, with professionally appointed office spaces for 8-10 people, including all the amenities and support you need to consolidate your growth.
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From $165/week

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Prime Location

The Place To Be.

A prime Melbourne CBD address, state-of-the-art facilities, spectacular views with abundant natural light and top-class business support. If that sounds like the perfect environment to convert your business dreams to reality, SuiteSpace is right for you.

Melbourne’s bustling legal precinct, iconic alleyways and world-class cafes and shopping form a vibrant backdrop to our 235 Queen Street address. It’s a superb location to be productive while enjoying the finer things our gorgeous city has to offer.

Flexible Solutions

You’re The Boss.

Lock-in contracts are so 2019. The new business environment demands flexibility and agility. With a range of convenient monthly packages, 24/7 access, and three floors of superb managed offices to choose from – that’s exactly what you get at SuiteSpace. SuiteSpace gives you the freedom to run your business your way with the professional image you want to project.

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